Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhira

  dhira—sober.    Antya 2.170, Antya 9.151, Antya 18.63
  dhira—patient.    Madhya 11.128, Madhya 12.166
  dhira—self-controlled    SB 1.18.8
  dhira—pacified    Madhya 4.46
  dhira—fixed.    Madhya 5.158
  dhira—patient    Madhya 8.199
  dhira—the sober    Madhya 14.144
  dhira—sober    Madhya 15.140
  dhira—a very learned and gentle scholar.    Antya 14.5

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dhira

  dhira-adhira—a mixture of sober and restless.    Madhya 14.143
  dhira-adhira—the heroine who is a combination of sobriety and restlessness    Madhya 14.148
  dhira-adhira-atmaka—consisting of anger due to jealousy, which anger is sometimes expressed and sometimes suppressed    Madhya 8.172
  dhira-lalita—a person who can keep his girlfriend always in subjugation by different qualities    Madhya 8.187
  dhira-lalitah—a hero in loving affairs    Madhya 8.188
  dhira-adi-vibheda—the three divisions of dhira, adhira and dhiradhira    Madhya 14.151
  haya dhira—are very sober    Madhya 14.143
  maha-dhira—completely sober.    Adi 8.55
  maha-dhira—most sober    Adi 9.16
  maha-dhira—very sober    Antya 5.45-46
  maha-dhira—very grave.    Antya 5.114