Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhimahi

  dhīmahi—let us meditate upon.    Madhya 8.266, Madhya 20.359, Madhya 25.148
  dhīmahi—I do meditate upon.    SB 1.1.1
  dhīmahi—let us chant    SB 1.5.37
  dhīmahi—do meditate upon Rim    SB 2.5.12
  dhīmahi—let us consider    SB 3.15.34
  dhīmahi—we always offer.    SB 6.5.27-28
  dhīmahi—let me meditate upon    SB 6.16.18-19
  dhīmahi—we meditate (the end of the Gāyatrī mantra)    Madhya 25.147

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing dhimahi.