Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhih

  dhih—intelligence    SB 1.19.3, SB 2.2.2, SB 2.2.13, SB 3.2.10, SB 3.4.16, SB 4.4.3, SB 4.12.4, SB 4.20.32, SB 7.7.17, Madhya 6.235 (and more...)
  dhih—the mind    Adi 4.173, Madhya 18.65, Antya 7.40
  dhih—mind    SB 3.24.44, SB 7.13.39
  dhih—his intelligence.    SB 3.30.12, SB 3.31.37
  dhih—the intelligence    SB 7.5.7, Madhya 22.155
  dhih—conscious    SB 2.7.42
  dhih—whose intelligence    SB 3.25.30
  dhih—consciousness.    SB 3.30.18
  dhih—her thoughts.    SB 3.33.29
  dhih—my intelligence    SB 4.25.5
  dhih—one who considers    SB 4.25.6
  dhih—he whose intelligence    SB 4.29.29
  dhih—with my consciousness    SB 6.2.38
  dhih—and intelligence    SB 7.4.33
  dhih—in such intelligence    SB 9.16.26

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dhih

  udara-dhih—sincere and advanced in devotional service    Madhya 24.90, Madhya 24.197
  asatha-dhih—a great-minded person who is without duplicity    SB 8.22.23
  adhira-dhih—have become more and more anxious.    SB 10.3.29
  aham-dhih—this is my interest (false ego)    SB 10.4.26
  ajada-dhih—complete fearlessness    SB 7.5.46
  andha-dhih—because of blind intelligence    SB 8.24.52
  anya-dhih—all other concepts of life (the bodily concept of life)    SB 4.23.12
  apanga-viddha-dhih—his intelligence pierced by the lustful glance.    SB 6.1.65
  bhinna-dhih—whose intelligence is changed    SB 6.5.41
  santa-dhih—very peaceful    SB 6.17.36
  dhih, dhrti, rasala, uma, niyut, sarpih, ila, ambika, iravati, s—the eleven Rudranis    SB 3.12.13
  grha-mudha-dhih—completely ignorant of the goal of life.    SB 7.14.1
  isu-dhih—quiver    SB 4.26.1-3
  krpana-dhih—person of miserly intelligence    SB 3.31.17
  krta-dhih—having fixed his mind    SB 3.33.37
  krta-dhih—although decided    SB 4.7.11
  krta-dhih—the determined King of the Yavanas    SB 4.28.22
  krta-dhih—with concentrated attention    SB 10.3.12
  manda-dhih—less intelligent.    SB 4.17.24
  manda-dhih—bereft of all intelligence    SB 6.1.66
  martya-asat-dhih—considers the spiritual master to be like an ordinary human being and maintains such an unfavorable attitude    SB 7.15.26
  prasakta-dhih—because of his being very much attached    SB 10.5.22
  rajju-dhih—one who thinks a snake to be a rope.    SB 10.6.8
  sneha-nibaddha-dhih—because of an intense spirit of love    SB 10.11.20
  sthita-dhih—one fixed in Krsna consciousness    Bg 2.54
  sthita-dhih—one who is steady    Bg 2.56
  su-dhih—one who has come to his real senses    SB 4.7.12
  uda-dhih—the ocean    SB 3.29.42
  udara-dhih—with broader intelligence    SB 2.3.10
  udara-dhih—liberal-minded.    SB 4.13.37
  udara-dhih—very broad-minded.    SB 6.7.40
  udara-dhih—who was very magnanimous    SB 9.23.17
  udara-dhih—all fully qualified    SB 9.24.53-55
  udara-dhih—because he was always liberal and simple    SB 10.6.43
  udara-dhih—being very intelligent    Madhya 22.36
  uparata-dhih—his mind and intelligence were fixed    SB 6.2.42
  vaira-dhih—because of animosity.    SB 8.9.26
  vikala-dhih—whose intelligence was disturbed    Antya 19.76
  vipanna-dhih—intelligence being lost.    SB 4.2.22