Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dharme

  dharme—in religion    Bg 1.39, SB 4.7.57
  dharme—the personality of religion    SB 1.17.21
  dharme—occupational duty    SB 4.4.19
  dharme—in religious activities    SB 4.16.4
  dharme—to the practices    SB 6.5.4-5
  dharme—unto religious principles    SB 7.4.27
  dharme—in the activities, in such an occupation    Adi 17.75

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dharme

  dharme dhana-uparjana—to earn both material and spiritual wealth.    Madhya 15.130
  kariha nana dharme-karme vyaya—spend in various types of religious and fruitive activities.    Antya 9.143
  sva-dharme—in one's prescribed duties    Bg 3.35
  tamah-rajah-dharme—by remaining in the modes of ignorance and passion    Antya 4.57
  veda-dharme—in the Vedic system    Adi 11.9
  yati-dharme—accepted the sannyasa order.    Adi 7.34