Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dharman

  dharmān—duties    SB 1.9.25, SB 3.32.1, SB 5.4.8
  dharmān—occupational duties    SB 7.6.1, Madhya 8.62, Madhya 9.264
  dharmān—the duties    SB 3.22.19, SB 3.22.38
  dharmān—religious principles    SB 8.16.13, SB 8.19.15
  dharmān—religious rituals    SB 3.32.1
  dharmān—characteristics    SB 4.29.23-25
  dharmān—the principles of religion    SB 5.3.20
  sarva-dharmān—all kinds of occupational duties    Madhya 8.63, Madhya 9.265, Madhya 22.94
  bhagavat-dharmān—the acts of the devotees    SB 1.9.27
  dāna-dharmān—the acts of charity    SB 1.9.27
  mokṣa-dharmān—the acts for salvation    SB 1.9.27
  rāja-dharmān—pragmatic activities of the kings    SB 1.9.27
  sarva-dharmān—all varieties of religion    Bg 18.66
  strī-dharmān—duties of women    SB 1.9.27
  sva-dharmān—their own occupational duties    SB 3.32.5

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