Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dharana

  dharana—of holding    Madhya 20.195, Madhya 20.221
  dharana—conception    SB 2.1.22, SB 2.1.25
  dharana—sustaining    Antya 20.61
  dharana—maintaining    Adi 3.33
  dharana—protection    Adi 14.19
  dharana—continuing.    Madhya 2.47
  dharana—to hold.    Madhya 3.122
  dharana—maintained.    Antya 3.113

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dharana

  astra-dharana—of holding the weapons    Madhya 20.207, Madhya 20.222
  cakra-adi-dharana—holding of the weapons, beginning with the disc.    Madhya 20.223, Madhya 20.237
  bhu-dharana-sakti—the power to carry the planets.    Madhya 20.371
  cakra-adi-dharana—stamping the body with different names and symbols of the Lord.    Madhya 24.332
  dharana-posana—maintaining and nourishing    Madhya 24.22
  musala dharana—carrying a plowlike weapon called a musala.    Adi 17.16
  vesa-dharana—changing the dress    Madhya 3.8