Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dharam

  dharam—bearing    SB 3.18.2
  dharam—holding    SB 3.21.10
  dharam—bearing.    SB 3.28.13
  dharam—who carried    SB 4.19.20
  dharam—land    SB 3.3.27
  dharam—on the earth    SB 3.6.28

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dharam

  ambara-dharam—covered with the dresses    Bg 11.10-11
  sirah-dharam—the neck    SB 3.13.37
  dhanuh-dharam—carrying a bow    SB 9.15.29
  gada-dharam—and with a club in the hand    SB 2.2.8
  gada-dharam—holding the club    Madhya 24.156
  kapisa-kauseya-ambara-dharam—wearing a yellow silk garment    SB 5.3.3
  kulam-dharam—just suitable for the dynasty    SB 1.13.16
  matsya-vapuh-dharam—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who had assumed the form of a fish    SB 8.24.15
  nrpa-linga-dharam—one who passes in the dress of a king    SB 1.16.4
  payah-dharam—breasts    SB 3.20.30
  vamsa-dharam—the descendant    SB 8.23.5
  vajra-dharam—bearing the thunderbolt    SB 6.10.17-18
  vapuh-dharam—personified.    SB 8.18.29