Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhanyam

  dhanyam—fully successful    SB 1.3.40
  dhanyam—conferring wealth    SB 3.19.38
  dhanyam—bestowing wealth    SB 4.12.45
  dhanyam—the source of riches    SB 4.23.35
  dhanyam—increases oneís fortune    SB 5.14.46
  dhanyam—brings wealth    SB 6.13.22-23
  dhanyam—with the desire for an increase of opulence    SB 6.14.35
  dhanyam—glorious    SB 8.1.32
  dhanyam—auspicious    Madhya 7.1
  dhanyam—auspicious    Antya 17.51

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dhanyam

  dhanyam adaya—capturing some grains of paddy    SB 10.11.10