Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhanam

  dhanam—wealth    Bg 16.13-15, SB 1.13.24, SB 1.15.14, SB 2.9.6, SB 4.31.31, SB 5.14.2, SB 9.6.19
  dhanam—the wealth    SB 5.14.2, SB 6.7.36, SB 9.4.4-5, Iso 1
  dhanam—riches    SB 1.12.33, SB 9.11.13-14, Antya 20.29
  dhanam—money    SB 5.14.26, SB 6.1.66, SB 7.15.15
  dhanam—material benefit or wealth    SB 5.14.35
  dhanam—the property.    SB 8.1.10
  dhanam—property.    Madhya 25.101
  śīla-dhanam—one whose wealth is good behavior    SB-4.21.44
  dhṛti-dhanam—the treasure of My patience    Antya 1.190
  go-dhanam—the treasure of cows    SB 3.2.29
  go-dhanam—and cows    SB 10.5.15-16
  mahā-dhanam—very valuable.    SB 4.9.38
  tat-dhanam—the property in the possession of a child.    SB 8.11.4
  uttama-dhanam—a great treasure    SB 5.3.3
  vraja-dhanam—the special wealth of the inhabitants of Vraja    Madhya 14.228

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