Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dhana

  dhana—wealth    SB 2.2.5, SB 4.25.6, SB 4.31.21, SB 7.7.44, Adi 9.44, Adi 10.50, Adi 17.199, Madhya 2.82, Madhya 18.165, Madhya 18.182 (and more...)
  dhana—running    Adi 7.29-30, Adi 17.245, Madhya 2.9, Madhya 11.153, Madhya 11.164, Madhya 11.218, Madhya 15.273, Madhya 24.270, Antya 9.41, Antya 15.29
  dhana—riches    SB 7.9.9, Adi 13.82, Adi 13.120, Adi 16.23, Madhya 24.259, Antya 3.163
  dhana—money    Madhya 5.59, Madhya 5.61, Antya 9.143, Antya 12.73
  dhana—running.    Madhya 7.84, Madhya 9.231, Madhya 10.134, Madhya 11.105, Madhya 13.86
  dhana—wealth.    Adi 3.105-106, Adi 8.28, Antya 6.295, Antya 8.74
  dhana—riches.    Madhya 14.222, Madhya 15.29, Madhya 18.183
  dhana—treasure    Madhya 20.131, Madhya 20.132, Madhya 20.134
  dhana—the wealth    SB 5.18.19, Adi 4.182
  dhana—in the form of wealth    SB 5.14.16
  dhana—by wealth    SB 8.22.26
  dhana—all the money    Madhya 5.61
  dhana—and wealth.    Madhya 7.125
  dhana—treasure.    Madhya 8.310
  dhana—the riches    Madhya 20.132
  dhana—asset    Antya 12.74
  dhana—something very precious.    Antya 14.38
  dhana—property    Antya 16.125
  dhana—the property    Antya 16.145
  dhana—the treasure.    Antya 17.69
  dhana—rushing    Adi 14.26
  dhana—very swiftly    Madhya 6.4
  dhana—in great haste    Antya 9.34
  dhana—very hastily    Antya 13.83
  dhana—paddy.    Adi 13.82

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dhana

  prana-dhana—the life and soul.    Madhya 14.3, Madhya 15.3, Antya 5.106, Antya 13.130
  krsna-prema-dhana—the treasure of love of Krsna.    Madhya 22.168, Madhya 23.101, Madhya 23.126
  nija-dhana—personal property    Adi 13.124, Antya 4.76, Antya 4.94
  prema-dhana—love of Godhead.    Adi 7.18-19, Adi 8.16, Madhya 22.106
  bhakta-ganera gudha-dhana—the most confidential treasure of the devotees    Madhya 21.103, Madhya 21.103
  dhana calila—began to run very swiftly    Antya 18.28, Antya 19.86
  prema-dhana—the treasure of love of Godhead.    Madhya 4.212, Antya 20.37
  prana-dhana—life and soul    Adi 5.229, Antya 8.5
  bahu-dhana—all kinds of riches.    Adi 13.113
  bahu-dhana—much money    Madhya 19.4
  bahu-dhana lana—taking large amounts of riches.    Madhya 19.6
  bhakta-gana-dhana—the treasure of the devotees.    Madhya 2.91
  bapera dhana ache—the father has some treasure    Madhya 20.131
  caitanya prana-dhana—Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu as his life and soul.    Antya 6.162
  caitanya-prana-dhana—their life and soul was Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu.    Adi 10.81
  calila dhana—began to run    Antya 17.61
  suska-in-dhana—dry wood    Antya 16.124
  danda-dhana—one staff    Madhya 5.153
  dhana diya—giving them riches    Adi 13.109
  dhana paile—when one gets riches    Madhya 20.140
  dhana-bhoge—in the matter of enjoying material happiness    Adi 13.120
  dhana-danda laya—take a fine    Madhya 14.210
  dhana-dam—unto a person who can give immense wealth as charity    SB 5.3.13
  dhana-dam—Kuvera, or one who gives money    SB 9.2.32
  dhana-dah—Kuvera, the treasurer    SB 4.14.26-27
  dhana-dah—the treasurer of the demigods (Kuvera)    SB 4.15.14
  dhana-dah uvaca—the master of the treasury (Kuvera) said    SB 4.12.2
  dhana-dhanyavan—very rich, possessing wealth and rice    Adi 14.55
  dhana-dhanye—with riches and grains    Adi 13.119
  dhana-durmada-andhan—persons who are puffed up with material possessions.    Madhya 23.114
  dhana-isvarah—master of the treasury    SB 4.12.1
  dhana-isvari—possessing wealth    SB 6.19.26-28
  dhana-lobhe—by greed for money    Madhya 5.63
  dhana-mada—in the form of infatuation by material wealth    SB 5.9.17
  dhana-mana—wealth and false prestige    Bg 16.17
  dhana-prana—wealth and life    Madhya 2.71
  dhana-ratna-mani—wealth and riches    Adi 9.28
  dhana-sancayi—capitalist (one who gathers wealth)    Madhya 24.17
  dhana-stambhaih—rich and proud    SB 10.10.18
  dhana-tyajah—can give up their accumulated wealth.    SB 8.20.9
  dhana-vat—rich    SB 4.23.33
  dhana-vidya-hina—without any wealth and education.    Madhya 5.22
  dhana-adi—riches    Madhya 5.22
  dhana-adibhih—such as wealth, honor, children, land and house.    SB 1.13.20
  dhana-adikam—his wealth and riches    SB 8.20.6
  dharme dhana-uparjana—to earn both material and spiritual wealth.    Madhya 15.130
  dhana calila—began to run.    Antya 14.85
  dhana palaila—very swiftly fled away from that place.    Madhya 24.263
  dhana aila—came to see him with great haste    Madhya 20.51
  dhana aila—very hastily came    Madhya 25.226
  ei dhana—this treasure-house of devotional service.    Madhya 24.354
  eka cauthi dhana—one-fourth of the riches    Madhya 19.7
  garva-dhana—the pride of the treasure    Antya 15.22
  gaura-prema-dhana—the treasure of love for Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.    Antya 7.172
  krsna-prema-dhana—wealth of love of Krsna    Madhya 2.40
  krsna-prema-dhana—the riches of love of Godhead.    Madhya 3.218
  krsna-prema-dhana—and the wealth of transcendental love for Him.    Madhya 22.4
  krsna-prema-dhana—the transcendental treasure of ecstatic love for Krsna.    Antya 9.7
  krsna-prema-dhana—the wealth of ecstatic love of Lord Krsna    Antya 13.138
  krsna-prema-maha-dhana—the most valuable treasure of love for Krsna.    Madhya 22.104
  krsna-prana-dhana—the wealth of the life of Lord Krsna    Adi 4.218
  krpa-dhana—the treasure of mercy    Madhya 11.49
  maha-dhana—foremost wealth    Adi 7.144
  maha-dhana—the greatest wealth.    Madhya 20.125
  maha-dhana—the supreme treasure.    Madhya 20.143
  maha-dhana—great treasure    Antya 14.47
  mora prana-dhana—the wealth of My life    Antya 20.58
  mula-dhana—with the treasure    Madhya 20.130
  mula-dhana—revenue    Antya 9.143
  mula-dhana—wealth.    Antya 15.23
  nija-dhana—own property    Madhya 5.29
  nija-dhana—one's own property    Madhya 5.29
  nija-dhana—My real wealth    Madhya 15.51
  nija-dhana—the personal property    Antya 16.142
  para-dhana—another's property.    Antya 15.16
  pitr-dhana—the riches of your father    Madhya 20.128
  prema-dhana—the wealth of love of Godhead.    Adi 3.64
  prema-dhana—riches of ecstatic love.    Madhya 9.360
  prema-dhana—the riches of ecstatic love.    Madhya 9.364
  prema-dhana—transcendental opulence of ecstatic love.    Madhya 17.165
  prema-dhana—the most valuable ecstatic love of Krsna.    Antya 4.71
  prema-dhana—the wealth of love.    Antya 8.30
  prema-dhana—wealth of love    Antya 9.69
  prema-dhana—the wealth of ecstatic love of Krsna.    Antya 12.154
  prema-dhana—love of Krsna.    Antya 14.11
  prema-dhana—the wealth of ecstatic love    Antya 20.37
  prema-dhana paila—received the treasure of loving God.    Adi 6.114
  prana-dhana—the only life    Madhya 13.147
  prana-dhana—the treasure of My life    Antya 17.60
  prana-dhana yara—whose life and soul    Antya 2.96
  pabe prema-dhana—you will achieve the highest goal, ecstatic love of Krsna.    Madhya 25.154
  raja-dhana—charity by kings    Adi 12.50
  raja-dhana—the King's money.    Antya 9.65
  raja-dhana—the revenue of the government    Antya 9.89
  raja-dhana—government revenue    Antya 9.106
  rajara mula-dhana—capital of the King.    Antya 9.142
  saba dhana—all riches    Adi 13.109
  stri-dhana—women    Madhya 9.227
  tapah-dhana—O sage whose only wealth is penance.    SB 3.12.36
  tapah-dhana—O best of the sages performing austerity    SB 5.2.15
  tapah-dhana—assets of austerities    Madhya 21.133
  yauvana-dhana—the wealth of youthfulness    Madhya 2.25
  yanra prana-dhana—whose life and soul    Madhya 24.354
  yayena dhana—he went very swiftly.    Antya 6.172
  aisena dhana—come here with great haste.    Antya 12.71
  ajna-dhana—order    Madhya 2.95
  apana-dhana—its own wealth    Antya 20.24
  atma-dhana—simply dependent on the Lord    SB 4.31.21