Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: devatah

  devatah—the demigods    Bg 4.12, SB 3.20.22, SB 3.24.27, SB 4.13.25, SB 4.13.26, SB 5.4.1
  devatah—demigods    Bg 7.20, SB 4.3.4
  devatah—and demigods    SB 7.14.37
  devatah—the demigods exist    SB 10.4.42

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: devatah

  bhrgu-devatah—who are now strong devotees of Sukracarya, the disciple of Bhrgu.    SB 6.7.23
  sraddha-devatah—the demigods presiding over sraddha ceremonies in honor of deceased relatives.    SB 4.18.18
  dik-devatah—the demigods in charge of different directions, like the sun and the moon    SB 5.14.9
  krsna-devatah—those who are always rapt in the service of Lord Sri Krsna    SB 1.13.11
  pati-devatah—because their only worshipable object was their husband.    SB 9.6.53
  pakhanda-devatah—concocted incarnations of God (man-made gods or demigods)    SB 5.14.29