Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dese

  dese—in a place    SB 7.15.31, Madhya 21.6
  dese—in the land    Bg 6.11-12
  dese—in a proper place    SB 2.2.15
  dese—in a proper place, namely a holy place of pilgrimage    SB 7.15.5
  dese—in the country    Adi 13.103
  dese—in His home country    Adi 17.9
  dese—throughout the country    Madhya 4.89
  dese—in country    Madhya 5.43
  dese—to the country    Madhya 5.103
  dese—to his country    Madhya 19.124
  dese—to My own country    Madhya 25.169
  dese—in countries    Antya 2.13
  dese—to his own country    Antya 2.100
  dese—in place    Bg 17.20

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dese

  gauda-dese—to Bengal    Madhya 1.24, Madhya 10.68, Madhya 10.71, Madhya 10.75, Madhya 15.39, Madhya 15.187, Madhya 17.72, Antya 2.8, Antya 4.113, Antya 13.32
  gauda-dese—in Bengal    Adi 7.165, Madhya 16.90, Antya 12.7, Antya 16.9, Antya 16.38
  amsa-dese—on the shoulders    SB 3.21.11, SB 8.8.24
  dese dese—from country to country    Madhya 17.117, Madhya 17.117
  dese dese yana—moving from one country to another    Antya 5.153, Antya 5.153
  dese-dese—in various countries    Madhya 25.264, Madhya 25.264
  sroni-dese—on the region of the belt.    SB 2.1.35
  sucau dese—in a sanctified place    SB 3.28.8
  daksina-dese—to South India    Madhya 7.57
  daksina-dese—South India.    Madhya 7.109
  daksina-dese—southern India    Madhya 17.52
  dese asi—after returning to their own country    Madhya 5.35
  dura-dese—to distant countries    Madhya 13.151
  dura-dese—a little far off.    Antya 2.24-25
  dura-dese—far away.    Antya 14.8
  e-dese—in this country    Madhya 20.13
  eka-dese—in one spot    SB 3.28.6
  eka-dese—in one corner    Madhya 21.29
  gauda-dese—in the country of Gauda    Adi 1.85-86
  gauda-dese—toward Bengal    Madhya 4.109
  gauda-dese—to Bengal.    Antya 16.77
  gauda-dese yaite—to return to Bengal    Antya 12.65
  gauda-dese aila—reached Bengal, which is known as Gauda-desa    Antya 1.37
  hrd-dese—in the location of the heart    Bg 18.61
  kona dese—in some country    Antya 18.105
  mleccha-dese—through the countries where Muslims ruled    Madhya 4.176
  mula-dese—at the base    SB 5.16.26
  mula-dese—in the region beneath the base    SB 5.25.1
  pascima-dese—in the western countries    Madhya 17.153
  purira nava-dese—in nine different parts of the city    Madhya 20.241
  pandya-dese—in the country known as Pandyadesa    Madhya 9.218
  radha-dese—the place where there is no Ganges    Adi 13.61
  radha-dese—in the Radha countries    Madhya 1.92
  radha-dese—in the tract of land known as Radha    Madhya 3.4
  saba radha-dese—all of the tract of land known as Radha-desa.    Madhya 3.5
  sarva-dese—in all countries.    Madhya 17.48-49
  sarva-dese—in all other countries.    Antya 2.14
  sei dese—in that region of East Bengal    Adi 16.10
  tomara dese—in your country    Madhya 1.176
  udiya-dese—in the state of Orissa    Antya 1.40
  yaha gauda-dese—go to Gauda-desa (Bengal)    Madhya 15.42