Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: desa

  deça—place    Bg 13.8-12, SB 1.9.9, SB 4.29.67, SB 5.3.2, SB 7.15.4, SB 8.9.28
  deça—countries    Adi 10.86, Adi 17.255, Madhya 4.98, Madhya 25.120, Madhya 25.122
  deça—the country.    Adi 12.15, Madhya 7.118
  deça—space    SB 1.15.27
  deça—according to country    SB 4.8.54
  deça—the particular place, a holy place or a temple    SB 5.4.17
  deça—in the matter of country    SB 8.23.16
  deça—of the country    Madhya 6.226
  deça—the whole country    Madhya 7.118
  deça—country.    Madhya 9.45
  deça—to your country.    Madhya 20.35
  deça—of country    Madhya 23.72
  deça—residential country.    Antya 4.144
  deça—in place    Antya 20.18

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: desa

  anya deça—other countries    Madhya 13.146
  anya deça—to another country.    Madhya 10.124
  anya-deça—in other countries    Madhya 17.228-229
  bahu-deça—many countries    Madhya 17.68
  dakñiëa deça—South India    Adi 7.166
  dakñiëa-deça—the people of South India.    Madhya 7.104
  dakñiëa-deça—South India    Madhya 7.13
  deça haite—from their country    Antya 12.63
  deça-adhyakña—landholder    Antya 3.102
  deça-antara—to different parts of the country.    Antya 12.84
  deça-antare—in other states    Antya 7.58
  deça-gräma—villages and towns.    Madhya 18.220
  deça-käla-artha-tattva-jïaù—very experienced according to time, place and circumstances    SB 10.11.22
  deça-käla-deha-avasthäna—of country, time, body and position    SB 6.9.42
  deça-käla-jïaù—who was expert in understanding the time and situation    SB 7.2.18-19
  deça-käla-vidhäna-vit—completely aware of duties according to time, position and objective.    SB 9.20.16
  deça-pätra dekhi—seeing the circumstances    Madhya 19.83
  deça-viçeñäù—a particular country    SB 5.26.4
  dik-deça—direction and country    SB 1.6.8
  düra deça—to a distant place.    Madhya 16.139
  düra-deça—far away.    Madhya 14.236
  ei deça—this country.    Madhya 7.128
  eka-deça—one part    SB 5.3.4-5
  eka-deça—partial understanding.    Adi 7.129
  eka-deça—in one place    Madhya 20.110
  eka-deça-stham—lying down in one place    SB 6.16.53-54
  gauòa-deça—the country known as Bengal    Madhya 16.91
  gauòa-deça—in Bengal    Adi 10.121
  gauòa-deça—the tract of land known as Gauòa-deça, or Bengal    Madhya 1.24
  gauòa-deça—people from all provinces of Bengal.    Antya 2.20
  gauòa-deça diyä—through Bengal    Madhya 16.256
  gauòa-deça diyä—by way of Bengal    Madhya 19.241
  gauòa-deça-pathe—on the way through the province of Bengal    Madhya 25.255
  gauòa-deça-väsé—residents of Bengal    Adi 10.128
  mleccha-deça—this is a country occupied by the Mohammedans    Madhya 18.217
  mleccha-deça—the countries governed by Muslims    Madhya 4.184
  nänä-deça—different countries    Madhya 9.89
  oòhra-deça-sémä—the boundary of Orissa    Madhya 16.156
  paçcima deça—the western part of India    Madhya 18.221
  pürva-deça—for the eastern countries (Bengal).    Madhya 4.108
  saba deça—the whole country    Antya 3.164
  sarva-deça—everyone.    Madhya 9.41
  sarva-deça—all the countries    Madhya 7.108
  sei deça—this country    Madhya 5.120
  ye deça-gräme—in which country or village    Antya 3.164