Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dehinam

  dehinam—for materialistic persons who have accepted the body as the self    Madhya 8.227, Madhya 9.132, Madhya 24.86, Antya 7.27
  dehinam—of the embodied    Bg 17.2, SB 3.23.6, SB 4.20.23
  dehinam—of the embodied beings    Adi 2.30, Adi 3.69, Adi 6.23
  dehinam—of all living entities    SB 6.14.35, SB 7.8.10
  dehinam—the embodied.    Bg 3.40
  dehinam—the living entity    Bg 14.5
  dehinam—of the embodied.    Bg 14.7
  dehinam—of all who possess material bodies    SB 2.4.12
  dehinam—for the conditioned soul    SB 3.9.36
  dehinam—of the conditioned souls.    SB 4.8.59-60
  dehinam—of the people in general.    SB 4.14.9
  dehinam—of all the embodied.    SB 4.16.12
  dehinam—to all living entities having a body    SB 4.16.18
  dehinam—of the individual souls    SB 4.31.18
  dehinam—of all those who have accepted material bodies    SB 6.17.29
  dehinam—of all the embodied living entities.    SB 7.2.60
  dehinam—over those who have material bodies    SB 7.3.37-38
  dehinam—of persons who have accepted the material body    SB 7.5.5
  dehinam—of all embodied living entities    SB 7.6.3
  dehinam—whose bodies    SB 7.6.27
  dehinam—of the embodied souls    SB 7.7.38
  dehinam—of the living entities    SB 7.14.8
  dehinam—of all living entities who accept material bodies    SB 8.5.23
  dehinam—of persons    SB 8.5.47
  dehinam—of persons too involved in the bodily concept of life    SB 8.19.13
  dehinam—about living entities (accepting material bodies)    SB 10.4.26
  dehinam—of persons in the bodily concept of life, especially the karmis    SB 10.9.21
  dehinam—of every living being    Adi 9.42

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dehinam

  sarva-dehinam—to all living entities    SB 3.25.21, Madhya 22.81
  sarva-dehinam—of all other living entities    SB 4.24.54, SB 7.15.65
  sarva-dehinam—of all embodied beings    Bg 14.8
  sva-dehinam—the living being himself    SB 5.11.6