Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: deha

  deha—body    Bg 14.20, SB 2.1.4, SB 3.9.6, SB 4.22.37, SB 4.23.20, SB 9.18.47, Adi 4.182, Adi 7.112, Adi 10.46, Adi 12.70 (and more...)
  deha—give    Adi 14.46, Adi 15.8, Adi 16.65, Madhya 3.68, Madhya 4.129, Madhya 5.148, Madhya 6.44, Madhya 6.65, Madhya 7.17, Madhya 11.173 (and more...)
  deha—the body    SB 4.2.26, SB 6.16.24, Adi 14.31, Madhya 8.166, Madhya 8.283, Madhya 16.66, Madhya 16.106, Madhya 24.11, Madhya 24.12, Madhya 24.211
  deha—please give    Madhya 5.90, Madhya 6.43, Madhya 10.20, Antya 3.258, Antya 11.5, Antya 11.6
  deha—You give    Madhya 5.94, Madhya 9.230, Madhya 11.3, Madhya 12.34, Antya 5.15
  deha—of the body    SB 10.10.30-31, Adi 14.31, Madhya 3.110, Antya 5.123
  deha—kindly give    Madhya 2.59, Madhya 3.189, Madhya 23.122, Antya 16.133
  deha—deliver    Madhya 11.174, Madhya 12.167, Antya 12.109, Antya 12.117
  deha—a body    SB 3.31.1, Madhya 7.79, Madhya 8.222
  deha—the material body    SB 2.8.7, Antya 3.60
  deha—this body    SB 3.33.5, Adi 10.94
  deha—with the body    SB 4.29.76-77, SB 5.5.10-13
  deha—bodies    Adi 4.56, Adi 6.78
  deha—distribute    Adi 9.36, Adi 9.39
  deha—give Me    Adi 14.58, Madhya 2.71
  deha—the gross body and subtle mind    SB 1.18.22
  deha—the gross material body    SB 3.5.44
  deha—in the body    SB 5.13.25
  deha—of this body    SB 6.15.8
  deha—of a material body    SB 7.1.35
  deha—expansion of the body    Adi 5.4
  deha—kindly give it to me    Adi 7.53
  deha—please deliver    Adi 10.19
  deha—giving    Adi 17.288
  deha—kindly award    Madhya 3.165
  deha—offer    Madhya 4.161
  deha—apply    Madhya 4.166
  deha—present    Madhya 14.208
  deha—just put    Madhya 15.162
  deha—the spiritual body    Madhya 17.134
  deha—you award    Madhya 19.26
  deha—kindly deliver    Madhya 19.249
  deha—give help    Madhya 20.28
  deha—just give    Antya 4.37
  deha—allow    Antya 10.86
  deha—please award    Antya 20.30
  deha—My body    Antya 20.59

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: deha

  tomara deha—your body    Antya 4.76, Antya 4.94, Antya 4.172, Antya 4.172
  ajna deha—please give permission    Madhya 7.45, Madhya 10.71, Madhya 18.99, Antya 13.31
  deha deha—give them more, give them more    Antya 11.88, Antya 11.88
  deha-bhedam—separate forms    Adi 1.5, Adi 4.55
  deha-dehi-bheda—the distinction between the body and soul    Antya 5.121, Antya 5.122
  deha-mana—body and mind    Madhya 19.99, Antya 5.41
  ei deha—this body    Madhya 10.37, Antya 4.98
  ajna deha—give permission    Madhya 3.191, Madhya 7.10
  ajna deha—give Me permission    Madhya 16.91, Madhya 16.248
  acetana deha—unconscious body    Antya 14.64
  akhila-deha-bhajam—of all living entities    SB 9.21.12
  akhila-deha-bhajam—of all the materially embodied living entities    SB 10.1.5-7
  anna deha—You give food    Antya 3.218
  anya-deha—of another body    SB 3.31.17
  asambhavita-deha-abhimanah—not identified with the body    SB 5.9.9-10
  bhakta-deha—the body of a devotee    Madhya 24.111
  bhakti deha—please give devotional service    Antya 11.7
  bhiksa deha—please give alms    Antya 11.74
  caitanya deha—kindly give the shelter of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 6.132
  sakti deha—please give me power    Madhya 12.3
  sakti deha—please give strength    Antya 14.4
  siksa deha—you are instructing    Antya 8.69
  cit-ananda-deha—a body of spiritual blissfulness    Madhya 20.153
  desa-kala-deha-avasthana—of country, time, body and position    SB 6.9.42
  deha avasara—You are giving an opportunity for.    Antya 3.17
  deha chadimu—I shall give up this body    Antya 4.12
  deha chadite—to give up the body    Antya 4.61
  deha dana—kindly give the charity.    Antya 11.8
  deha jiye—My body lives    Antya 19.43
  deha mora—my body    Antya 4.6
  deha more—deliver to me.    Antya 11.78
  deha-abhyase—as a habit    Antya 14.22
  deha-antaram—transferring bodies    SB 10.1.8
  deha-antaram—another body (made of material elements)    SB 10.1.39
  deha-bandhanam—imprisonment again in a material body.    SB 9.13.8
  deha-bhasmabhih—by the remaining ashes of their burnt bodies.    SB 9.9.12
  deha-bheda—bodily difference    Adi 10.134
  deha-bhrt—embodied    Bg 14.14
  deha-bhrtah—of a living entity who has a material body    SB 7.7.46
  deha-bhrta—of the embodied    Bg 18.11
  deha-bhrtam—of the embodied    Bg 8.4
  deha-bhrtam—bearing material bodies    SB 4.4.11
  deha-bhrtam—of living entities who have accepted material bodies    SB 4.29.50
  deha-bhajah—of those who bear material bodies    SB 4.6.7
  deha-bhajah—have accepted the material body    SB 9.8.22
  deha-bhajam—of the embodied    SB 3.8.20
  deha-bhajam—of one who has a material body    SB 3.9.1
  deha-bhajam—of all living entities who have accepted material bodies    SB 5.5.1
  deha-dehira—of the body and the owner of the body    Madhya 17.132
  deha-dharma—necessities of the body    Adi 4.167-169
  deha-dharmah—the primary necessities of the body.    SB 3.21.17
  deha-dyutih—one whose bodily luster    Antya 1.168
  deha-gatah—situated within the core of the heart    SB 6.4.34
  deha-gatah—within the body    SB 7.2.43
  deha-gatah api—although appearing as a human being    SB 5.19.12
  deha-gehah—body and home    Antya 14.41
  deha-indriya—all the limbs and senses of My body    Madhya 2.40
  deha-indriya-asvasaya—the bodily senses    SB 5.10.22
  deha-indriya-mana—the body, senses and mind    Madhya 24.63
  deha-jah—born of his body    SB 3.20.3
  deha-jah—sons.    SB 8.13.30
  deha-krt—the giver of your body    SB 4.3.24
  deha-krt—the father    SB 9.7.4
  deha-krtah—of the father    SB 4.3.13
  deha-kanti—of the luster of the body    Madhya 13.106
  deha-kanti—the luster of the body    Madhya 18.118
  deha-kantye—in the luster of the body    Adi 3.57
  deha-mana—the body and mind    Madhya 13.148
  deha-manine—to the person identifying with the body.    SB 4.3.22
  deha-matra—keeping only the body    SB 7.13.1
  deha-nyasam—entering the body    SB 3.4.34
  deha-posane—to maintain the body    SB 4.29.1a-2a
  deha-prana-indriya—to the body, life air and senses    SB 10.6.27-29
  deha-patat—from giving up his body    Antya 4.1
  deha-roga—the disease of the body    Adi 10.51
  deha-samyogat—because of contact with the material body    SB 6.17.29
  deha-sambandha—in a material body    SB 7.1.35
  deha-sambandhe—in a bodily relationship    Adi 17.148
  deha-sambhavam—produced in the previous body    SB 4.29.65
  deha-smrti—bodily concept of life    Madhya 13.142
  deha-sukha—the happiness of the body    Adi 4.167-169
  deha-svabhave—by the nature of the body    Antya 15.6
  deha-tyaga—giving up the material body by suicide    Antya 4.60
  deha-tyaga haite—from committing suicide    Antya 20.108
  deha-tyaga-adi—beginning with giving up the material body    Antya 4.57
  deha-tyage—by committing suicide    Antya 4.55
  deha-tyage—by giving up the body    Antya 4.56
  deha-udbhavena—produced from your body    SB 4.4.22
  deha-upalaksane—in the shape of the material body    SB 5.5.30
  deha-upadhi brahma—Brahman having the body as a designation    Madhya 24.212
  deha-vaivarnya—the fading of bodily luster    SB 5.24.13
  deha-vak-buddhi-jam—performed by the body, words and intelligence    SB 6.1.13-14
  deha-van—anyone who has accepted this material body    SB 6.1.44
  deha-yoga-viyogau ca—and this causes connections and separations among different bodies    SB 10.4.20
  deha-yogam—contact of the body    SB 3.1.44
  deha-yogam—connection with a material body    SB 5.1.13
  deha-yogena—from contact with the material body    SB 5.5.6
  deha-yogena—because of possessing a particular type of material body    SB 7.6.3
  deha-adau—in the body and things related to the body    SB 6.2.38
  deha-adau—identifying oneself with the material body and then with oneís wife, children, family, community, nation and so on    SB 7.7.19-20
  deha-adeh—from his material body, senses and mind    SB 3.28.39
  deha-adi—in the gross and subtle body    SB 4.29.1a-2a
  deha-adi-bandhana—material bondage due to the bodily concept of life    Madhya 6.233
  deha-adi-atma-bhava—the false bodily concept of life    SB 5.9.20
  deha-adibhih—with the body, mind, ego and intelligence    SB 7.13.30
  deha-adih—the body and mind    SB 3.9.42
  deha-atma-ja-adisu—for the sake of oneís personal body or family, etc., with reference to the body    SB 8.9.29
  deha-atma-maninam—of those who foolishly take the body to be the self    SB 5.14.1
  deha-avalibhih—by the series of bodies    SB 5.14.1
  deva-deha—the body of a demigod    Madhya 8.257
  divya-deha—a transcendental body    Madhya 24.134
  dravya deha—pay the dues    Antya 9.52
  e-deha—of this body    Adi 4.183
  ganga para kari deha—help me cross the River Ganges    Madhya 20.43
  gaura-deha—to the transcendental body of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 11.5
  gopi-deha—the bodies of gopis    Madhya 8.225
  gopi-deha—the body of a gopi    Madhya 9.134
  jvale deha—my body is burning    Madhya 9.189
  kiba deha—what is the value of this body    Madhya 11.49
  koti-deha—millions of bodies    Antya 4.55
  ku-deha—in this body made of matter and full of dirty things such as stool and urine    SB 5.12.2
  krsna-deha—transcendental body of Krsna    Madhya 21.23
  lana deha—kindly get    Antya 13.29
  mana-deha—mind and body    Antya 20.61
  nara-deha—having a body like a human being's    Adi 17.178-179
  na deha—you do not give in charity    Madhya 5.56
  na deha kene—why do you not give    Antya 6.322
  nahi deha—you do not offer    Antya 6.320
  purva-deha—of His previous incarnation    SB 4.17.6-7
  parisada-deha—the body of Krsna's associate    Antya 4.197
  sanatane bhiksa deha—give Sanatana also lunch    Madhya 20.73
  sat-cit-ananda-deha—transcendental, blissful, spiritual body    Madhya 18.191
  sei deha—that body    Antya 4.193
  siddha-deha—eternal body or self-realized position    Madhya 22.156-157
  siddha-deha—spiritual body    Antya 5.51
  siddha-deha pana—obtaining a spiritual body    Antya 1.32
  siddha-deha tumi—you are already liberated    Antya 11.24
  sthavara-deha—the body of a tree    Madhya 8.257
  sva-deha—of his body    SB 6.18.30
  sva-deha-antah—within the body    SB 2.2.8
  sva-deha-antah—within one's own body    Madhya 24.156
  sva-deha-jah—born of oneís own body    SB 7.5.37
  sva-deha-kuhare—in the core of his heart    SB 3.28.33
  sva-deha-nispadita—performed by his own body    SB 5.14.1
  svarupa-deha—actual body    Madhya 8.162
  tumi bhiksa deha—better for you to cook    Madhya 17.177
  vaisnava deha—the body of a Vaisnava    Antya 4.191
  yukti deha—give Me consultation    Madhya 16.277
  ajna deha—order    Madhya 10.152
  ajna deha—please order    Madhya 11.171
  ajna deha—just order    Madhya 12.77
  ajna deha—kindly give me permission    Madhya 16.232
  ajna deha—just give Me permission    Madhya 16.245-246
  ajna deha—give the order    Antya 4.41
  ajna deha—kindly give the order    Antya 4.155
  ajna deha—you order    Antya 9.38
  ajna deha—permit me    Antya 16.19
  ajna deha yadi—if you order    Antya 9.28
  amake deha—please give to Me    Madhya 11.176
  atma-deha-stham—situated on the bodily self    SB 3.5.27