Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: datta

  datta—given    SB 3.33.34, Madhya 16.42, Madhya 21.117, Antya 10.122, Antya 13.134
  datta—Vasudeva Datta    Madhya 15.159, Antya 12.13
  datta—given    SB 9.18.28, SB 9.18.29
  datta—given by    SB 3.3.21
  datta—the surname Datta    Adi 11.41
  datta—handed over by    Antya 6.301
  datta—was given    SB 4.2.16
  datta—was given in charity    SB 9.7.2

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: datta

  datta-abhayam—which assure fearlessness    Madhya 24.50, Antya 15.70
  mukunda-datta—Mukunda Datta    Adi 17.273, Madhya 10.151
  vasudeva datta—Vasudeva Datta    Madhya 10.81, Madhya 11.87
  vasudeva-datta—Vasudeva Datta    Madhya 14.98, Antya 10.9-11
  bhakta-datta—offered by the devotees    Antya 10.158
  bhakta-datta-asvadana—the tasting of the food given by the devotees    Antya 20.117
  sri-govinda datta—of the name of Sri Govinda Datta.    Adi 10.64
  sri-mukunda-datta—of the name Sri Mukunda Datta    Adi 10.40
  datta govinda—Govinda Datta    Madhya 13.37
  datta-apahara—taking back things given in charity.    Antya 19.48
  datta-karam—and had already paid the taxes    SB 10.5.20
  datta-ananda—O Lord, You are the source of the pleasure    SB 7.8.47
  deva-datta—Devadatta    SB 5.24.31
  deva-datta-vat—like an ordinary human being, forced by the fruits of his activities    SB 6.9.35
  kavi-datta—of the name Kavi Datta    Adi 12.81
  krsna-datta—all bestowed by Krsna    Madhya 21.120
  mukunda datta—of the name Mukunda Datta    Madhya 6.251
  mukunda datta kahe—the devotee named Mukunda Datta said    Madhya 5.155
  mukunda datta kahe—Mukunda Datta, a devotee of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, said    Madhya 16.190
  mukunda-datta—of the name Mukunda Datta    Madhya 6.68
  mukunda-datta kahe—Mukunda Datta said    Antya 6.190
  mali-datta—given by the gardener    Adi 12.66
  prabhu-datta—given by the Lord    Antya 4.144
  uddharana datta—Uddharana Datta    Antya 6.63
  upendra-datta—Sukadeva Gosvami    SB 2.7.43-45
  visnu-datta—O Maharaja Pariksit    SB 5.3.20
  visnu-datta—O Maharaja Pariksit, who was protected by Lord Visnu    SB 5.9.20
  vasudeva datta—of the name Vasudeva Datta    Adi 10.41
  ama-datta prasada—the prasada given by me    Antya 10.112
  ara datta mukunda—and Mukunda Datta    Madhya 3.209-210