Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: data

  data—by the tusk    SB 3.13.40, SB 3.13.41
  data—donor in charity    SB 1.12.20
  data—giver    Adi 9.6
  data—charitable donor    Madhya 2.82
  data—the person who offers    Antya 6.279
  data—charitable person    Antya 17.68

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: data

  data-siromani—the most munificent personality.    Madhya 2.81
  janma-data pita—the father who begets the child    Antya 6.40
  phala-data—the giver of the fruit    Adi 9.54
  prema-data—giver of prema    Antya 7.14
  su-data—with beautiful teeth    SB 3.23.33