Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: darsinah

  darśinaḥ—who see.    SB 6.17.28, Madhya 19.216
  darśinaḥ—the seers.    Bg 4.34
  darśinaḥ—considering.    SB 4.14.39-40
  darśinaḥ—seers of.    Madhya 9.270
  bhinna-darśinaḥ—of a separatist    SB 3.29.23
  kṣema-darśinaḥ—who always aspire for the welfare    SB 4.14.1
  sama-darśinaḥ—do see with equal vision.    Bg 5.18
  sama-darśinaḥ—equipoised    SB 7.10.19
  sama-darśinaḥ—although sādhus are equal to everyone, to the poor and the rich, the poor man can take advantage of their association    SB 10.10.17

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