Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: darsanam

  darśanam—audience    SB 4.7.47, SB 4.22.7, SB 4.24.27, SB 4.31.5
  darśanam—sight    Bg 11.10-11, SB 1.6.33, SB 3.21.13
  darśanam—philosophy    Bg 13.8-12, SB 1.5.8, SB 4.31.7
  darśanam—meeting    SB 1.8.25, SB 1.19.36, SB 9.18.22
  darśanam—realization.    SB 1.2.24
  darśanam—in my view    SB 1.9.22
  darśanam—to look at    SB 1.12.8
  darśanam—who could show    SB 3.25.6
  darśanam—viewing    SB 3.31.45-46
  darśanam—revealing    SB 3.32.31
  darśanam—who met    SB 4.13.3
  darśanam—vision    SB 4.24.44
  darśanam—understanding.    SB 6.16.63
  darśanam—the audience    SB 7.3.21
  darśanam—seeing    SB 7.9.53
  darśanam—observation    SB 7.15.63
  darśanam—to see personally    SB 10.10.37
  darśanam—to see    Madhya 20.61
  acyuta-darśanam—seeing of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 22.44
  apīcya-darśanam—very beautiful to see    SB 3.28.17
  bhava-darśanam—seeing repetition of birth and death.    SB 1.8.25
  brahma-darśanam—the process of seeing the Absolute.    SB 1.3.33
  brahma-darśanam—self-realization.    SB 3.32.23
  dūra-darśanam—very rarely seen    SB 1.11.8
  mat-darśanam—the seeing of Me (or offering of prayers to Me or hearing about Me, all of which are absolute)    SB 7.4.25-26
  priya-darśanam—beautiful    SB 4.25.41
  priya-darśanam—to see you again, my very dear friend and brother.    SB 10.5.24
  sama-darśanam—equipoised in vision    SB 3.32.25
  sama-darśanam—equal to everyone    SB 7.1.43
  su-darśanam—very beautiful.    SB 4.24.51
  su-darśanam—Sudarśana    SB 5.7.2
  ātma-darśanam—who manifests Himself.    SB 3.20.25
  ātma-darśanam—self-realization    SB 3.26.2
  ātma-darśanam—which helps self-realization    SB 9.6.54
  ātmani-darśanam—with all the intelligence possible within himself    SB 10.1.52

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