Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: darsanah

  darsanah—one who has seen    SB 1.5.38
  darsanah—one who has such a vision of life    SB 2.9.8
  darsanah—one who can see all time.    SB 3.12.39
  darsanah—one who can see    SB 3.20.28
  darsanah—conceptions of life    SB 3.27.10
  darsanah—whose vision    SB 4.20.10

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: darsanah

  sama-darsanah—equipoised    SB 4.13.7, SB 4.28.37
  amogha-darsanah—whose glance is all-auspicious    SB 6.5.32
  apriya-darsanah—everything appears unfavorable    SB 1.15.6
  bhagavata-dharma-darsanah—authorized preachers of Srimad-Bhagavatam    SB 5.4.11-12
  caru-darsanah—extremely beautiful to see    SB 6.2.31
  caru-darsanah—very, very beautiful    SB 6.6.33-36
  deva-darsanah—one whose audience is as good as that of any demigod.    SB 2.8.1
  ghora-darsanah—appearing very fearful    SB 6.9.12
  ghora-darsanah—very fierce looking    SB 10.11.56
  krsna-darsanah—black-looking    SB 9.4.6
  para-atma-darsanah—realization of the Supreme Soul (spiritual knowledge)    SB 7.9.6
  priya-darsanah—very beautiful to see    SB 7.15.70
  para-darsanah—they have seen the end of all knowledge    SB 9.4.57-59
  sama-darsanah—seeing equally.    Bg 6.29
  sama-darsanah—who are equal to everyone    SB 9.4.66
  samanjasa-darsanah—not deprived of full spiritual potencies    SB 6.9.35
  sarva-darsanah—who is aware of everything.    SB 6.18.22
  tulya-darsanah—impartial by nature    SB 1.5.24