Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: darsana

  darśana—seeing    SB 3.29.16, SB 4.22.3, Madhya 6.63, Madhya 6.202, Madhya 8.36, Madhya 21.132, Antya 14.23
  darśana—audience    SB 1.11.3, SB 2.9.18, SB 3.4.21, Madhya 2.59, Antya 5.12
  darśana—by seeing    SB 4.30.21, SB 5.14.2, Antya 7.10
  darśana—of seeing    SB 3.31.45-46, Madhya 17.51
  darśana—sight    Adi 2.25, Madhya 9.192
  darśana—seeing.    Madhya 3.112, Madhya 6.90
  darśana—interview.    Madhya 10.6, Madhya 14.166
  darśana—seeing face to face    SB 1.10.11-12
  darśana—meeting    SB 1.19.33
  darśana—realization    SB 2.9.21
  darśana—by seeing you    SB 9.5.20
  darśana—by sight    Adi 4.183
  darśana—the sight.    Adi 14.21
  darśana—meeting.    Adi 14.63
  darśana—vision.    Adi 17.231
  darśana—audience.    Madhya 9.63
  darśana—by a personal visit    Madhya 16.175
  darśana—visit    Antya 4.7
  darśana—visiting the temple    Antya 15.6
  adbhuta-darśana—by seeing the wonderful calamity (that the heavily loaded cart had broken upon the small baby, who still lay there unhurt)    SB 10.7.8
  chaya darśana haite—from the six philosophical principles    Madhya 25.56
  śrī-mukha darśana—seeing the lotus face.    Madhya 12.210
  śrī-raṅga darśana—visiting the temple of Śrī Raṅga    Madhya 9.87
  śrīmūrti-darśana—seeing the Deity    Madhya 22.124
  darśana diyā—giving audience    Madhya 4.40
  darśana kare—visit    Madhya 1.268
  darśana kare—see    Antya 14.23
  darśana kari—visiting the Lord    Madhya 7.56
  darśana kari—seeing Lord Jagannātha    Madhya 10.31
  darśana karilā—saw    Madhya 6.216
  darśana karilā—he saw    Antya 1.72
  darśana karite—to see Lord Jagannātha    Madhya 6.33
  darśana kariyā—by seeing    Madhya 12.205
  darśana nartana—visiting the Lord and dancing    Madhya 14.94
  darśana nā pāñā—not being able to see    Antya 9.11
  darśana nā pāñā—being unable to see    Antya 14.24
  darśana nā pāya—could not see Nakula Brahmacārī.    Antya 2.26
  darśana rahu dūre—what to speak of seeing    Antya 5.35-36
  darśana-amṛtaiḥ—by the nectar of the audience    Madhya 10.1
  darśana-kṛpāya—by the mercy of seeing him    Madhya 7.102
  darśana-kāṅkṣiṇaḥ—always aspire to see.    Bg 11.52
  darśana-lobhe—in hopes of seeing    Antya 15.61
  darśana-lobhete—being very anxious to see    Madhya 12.210
  darśana-mātre—simply seeing You    Madhya 8.51-52
  darśana-mātre—as soon as one sees    Antya 18.51
  darśana-prabhāva—influence of seeing    Madhya 16.185
  darśana-prabhāve—by the influence of His visit    Madhya 9.10
  darśana-satṛṣṇa—being very eager to see Him.    Madhya 7.98
  darśana-sparśana—seeing and touching.    Antya 5.39
  darśana-sparśana—interview and touching    Antya 11.103
  darśana-utsavaḥ—very pleased by seeing them.    SB 6.2.22
  darśana-ānande—because of pleasure due to seeing the face of the Lord    Madhya 12.219
  darśana-āveśe—by being fully absorbed in the vision    Antya 14.32
  īśvara darśana—seeing of Lord Jagannātha.    Madhya 6.28
  ghora-darśanā—horrible looking    SB 3.14.23
  goloka darśana kaila—saw Goloka.    Madhya 18.136
  jagannātha darśana—visiting Lord Jagannātha    Madhya 14.113
  kaila darśana—has seen    Antya 11.91-93
  karaha darśana—watch    Antya 11.83
  karena darśana—used to see.    Antya 3.169
  karena darśana—was looking.    Antya 15.59
  kīrtana-darśana—visiting the kīrtana performances.    Antya 2.79
  mahāprabhura darśana pāya—see Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Antya 6.82
  mat-darśana—by seeing Me in that form    SB 8.23.10
  ṣaṭ-bhuja-darśana—a vision of the six-armed Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu.    Adi 17.12
  ṣaṭ-darśana—of six kinds of philosophical theses    Madhya 17.96
  ṣaṭ-darśana—of the six philosophical theses    Antya 7.21
  nā kare darśana—does not see.    Antya 2.124
  prabhura darśana—the sight of Lord Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Madhya 3.161
  prabhura darśana—seeing Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu    Antya 4.7
  prakṛti darśana kaile—if someone sees women with a sensual propensity    Antya 2.165
  rahasya-darśana—seeing of the mystery of the activities.    Madhya 13.60
  snāna darśana kari—finishing his bathing and seeing of Lord Jagannātha    Madhya 15.295
  sudur-darśana—very difficult to be seen    Bg 11.52
  svacchanda darśana—convenient visit    Madhya 11.120-121
  sākṣāt-darśana—direct meeting    Antya 2.4
  tat-darśana—for meeting Him (Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa)    SB 1.11.19
  tat-darśana—by the sight of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 6.16.31
  tat-darśana—by seeing Lord Brahmā    SB 7.3.24
  tat-darśana—by seeing the Lord    SB 8.17.6
  tat-darśana-pramuditaḥ—being very much enlivened by seeing the beautiful woman    SB 9.20.10
  tat-darśana-ākāṅkṣaḥ—desiring to see him again    SB 9.5.23
  tomāra darśana—Your audience    Antya 7.8
  tomāra darśana-prabhāve—by the influence of Your visit    Madhya 9.25
  tvat-pāda-darśana—seeing Your lotus feet.    Madhya 16.132
  tāṅra darśana—His interview    Madhya 10.7
  vijaya-darśana—seeing the Pāṇḍu-vijaya ceremony.    Madhya 13.6
  viṭhṭhala darśana—visit the temple of Viṭhṭhala.    Madhya 9.303
  yamunā-darśana—meeting with the Yamunā River    Madhya 17.154
  āścarya darśana—the wonderful vision.    Antya 20.105
  ṭhākura darśana karāñā—after inducing him to see the Deity    Antya 6.148

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