Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dandavat

  daṇḍavat—obeisances    Adi 10.99, Madhya 4.66, Madhya 4.142, Madhya 6.204, Madhya 8.53, Madhya 19.62, Antya 1.83, Antya 13.102
  daṇḍavat—offering obeisances    Madhya 5.109, Madhya 24.337
  daṇḍavat—obeisances offered by falling flat    Madhya 8.48, Madhya 16.103
  daṇḍavat—just like a rod    SB 4.9.3
  daṇḍavat—straight, with the whole body    SB 8.16.42
  daṇḍavat—like a rod    Madhya 1.67
  daṇḍavat—like rods    Madhya 1.185
  daṇḍavat—like a stick    Madhya 5.111
  daṇḍavat—falling flat to offer obeisances    Madhya 11.79
  daṇḍavat—falling flat like a stick    Madhya 11.152
  daṇḍavat—flat like a stick    Madhya 11.186
  daṇḍavat hañā—offering obeisances    Madhya 11.150, Madhya 11.162, Madhya 15.255, Madhya 17.155, Madhya 21.80, Antya 2.146, Antya 3.131
  daṇḍavat kari—offering obeisances    Madhya 1.242, Madhya 5.144, Madhya 10.131, Madhya 13.76, Madhya 14.22, Madhya 15.47
  daṇḍavat kailā—offered obeisances    Madhya 19.66, Madhya 21.62, Antya 1.31, Antya 13.73
  daṇḍavat haila—offered obeisances.    Madhya 4.135
  daṇḍavat hailā—fell down to offer obeisances    Antya 1.95
  daṇḍavat haiyā—offering obeisances    Adi 5.182
  daṇḍavat hañā—like a stick    Madhya 9.320
  daṇḍavat hañā—falling flat like logs    Antya 1.109
  daṇḍavat hañā—flat like rods    Antya 4.17
  daṇḍavat hañā—falling flat like a rod    Antya 6.46
  daṇḍavat kaila—offering obeisances    Antya 12.57
  daṇḍavat kailā—offered his respects, falling down.    Antya 6.163
  daṇḍavat kailā—he offered obeisances    Antya 12.88
  daṇḍavat kare—offered obeisances    Madhya 16.179
  daṇḍavat kare—offers You obeisances: hari-dāsa kahilā    Antya 1.48
  daṇḍavat kare—is offering obeisances.    Antya 6.46
  daṇḍavat kari—after offering respects    Madhya 5.87
  daṇḍavat kari—after offering obeisances by falling flat on the ground    Madhya 6.240
  daṇḍavat kari—offering his respects    Antya 5.4
  daṇḍavat karite—offering their obeisances    Madhya 21.70
  daṇḍavat nati—offering obeisances    Antya 8.9
  daṇḍavat praṇāma—obeisances and respects    Antya 3.215
  daṇḍavat-kāle—at the time of offering obeisances    Madhya 21.93-94
  daṇḍavat-namaskāra—offering of obeisances    Antya 12.37
  daṇḍavat-nati—offering obeisances    Madhya 22.122
  daṇḍavat-praṇati—offering of obeisances, falling flat before the Deity    Madhya 8.4
  daṇḍavat-sthāne—in the place where he wanted to offer his obeisances    Madhya 24.271
  ha-ilā daṇḍavat—offered obeisances like a straight rod    Madhya 18.16

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