Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: danava

  dānava—the demons    SB 2.7.13
  dānava—ghosts    SB 5.24.8
  dānava—O demon    SB 6.12.19
  dānava—with the demons    SB 8.6.19
  daitya-dānava—by the Daityas and Dānavas    SB 6.18.11
  daitya-dānava—by all the demons    SB 7.1.40
  daitya-dānava-kula-tīrthī-karaṇa-śīlā-caritaḥ—whose activities and character were so exalted that he delivered all the daityas (demons) born in his family    SB 5.18.7
  daitya-dānava-yūtha-pāḥ—the leaders of the Daityas and demons    SB 8.21.25
  deva-dānava-vīrāṇām—of all the heroes of the parties of both the demons and the demigods    SB 8.10.13-15
  dānava-daiteyāḥ—Dānavas and Daityas    SB 7.2.4-5
  dānava-daiteyāḥ—the asuras and the demons    SB 8.10.1
  dānava-daityānām—among the demons and unbelievers    SB 8.22.28
  dānava-daityānām—of the demons and the Dānavas    SB 8.22.36
  dānava-indrasya—of the great demon    SB 8.24.9
  dānava-indrasya—of Vṛṣaparvā    SB 9.18.6-7
  dānava-indraḥ—the king of the Dānava demons    SB 5.24.28
  dānava-indrāḥ—leaders of the non-Āryans    SB 2.6.43-45
  dānava-saṅkṣayam—the total annihilation of the demons.    SB 8.11.43
  dānava-sat-tamaḥ—the best of the demons, namely Jambhāsura    SB 8.11.17
  sura-dānava—between the demigods and the demons    SB 9.14.5

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