Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: dam

  dam—giving.    SB 6.16.13
  dam—which gives.    SB 6.1.51

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: dam

  siva-dam—giving well-being    Adi 1.91, Madhya 24.100, Madhya 25.149
  asanti-dam—causing anxieties    SB 7.15.48-49
  artha-dam—full of meaning.    SB 7.6.1
  dam-pati—husband and wife    SB 4.25.43
  dam-pati—the wife and husband    SB 6.16.60
  dam-pati—a husband and wife    SB 9.9.25
  dam-pati—both husband and wife    SB 10.3.39
  dam-patinam—regarding husband and wife    SB 1.14.4
  dam-patinam—of the husband and wife.    SB 5.18.13
  dam-patinam—of men and women united by marriage    SB 7.13.26
  dam-patyoh—to the bride and bridegroom    SB 3.22.23
  dam-patyoh—the couple    SB 3.23.46
  dam-patyoh—the King, along with his wife    SB 6.14.60
  dam-patyoh—of the wife and husband    SB 6.19.18
  dam-patyoh—of both husband and wife    SB 10.8.51
  dhana-dam—unto a person who can give immense wealth as charity    SB 5.3.13
  dhana-dam—Kuvera, or one who gives money    SB 9.2.32
  duhkha-dam—giving distress    SB 5.14.13
  jala-dam—rain cloud    Madhya 10.1
  purusa-tusti-dam—everything extremely pleasing to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.    SB 8.16.51-52
  vara-dam—the bestower of all boons    SB 3.20.25
  vara-dam—who bestows benedictions    SB 6.19.15
  vimukti-dam—who gives liberation    SB 3.23.57