Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: daksinaih

  daksinaih—charity    SB 4.8.21
  daksinaih—by charities    SB 4.12.10
  daksinaih—offered with gifts    SB 7.4.15

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: daksinaih

  bhuri-daksinaih—by giving large contributions to the brahmanas    SB 9.6.35-36
  bhuri-daksinaih—giving abundant gifts to the brahmanas    SB 9.18.48
  puskala-daksinaih—comprehending distribution of great charities    SB 4.9.24
  upacita-anga-daksinaih—with all prescribed paraphernalia and contributions of daksina to the brahmanas    SB 9.4.22