Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: daivat

  daivat—by the influence of external energy    SB 3.5.3
  daivat—than providence    SB 3.23.4-5
  daivat—by the destiny of the conditioned souls    SB 3.26.19
  daivat—by the grace of the Lord    SB 3.28.2
  daivat—according to destiny    SB 3.28.37
  daivat—by fortune    SB 3.31.9
  daivat—by a superior arrangement    SB 7.6.3
  daivat—by chance    Madhya 2.36
  daivat—from time immemorial    Madhya 20.274

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: daivat

  kula-daivat—than the personalities worshipable for my family    SB 9.9.43