Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: daiva

  daiva—by providence    SB 4.6.47, SB 4.29.23-25
  daiva—providence    SB 4.29.32, Madhya 15.267
  daiva—supernatural    SB 3.3.23
  daiva—superhuman    SB 3.9.10
  daiva—by the authority of the Lord    SB 3.31.42
  daiva—by the Lord    SB 3.33.29
  daiva—destiny    SB 4.8.29
  daiva—by destiny    SB 4.8.33
  daiva—by the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 4.30.49
  daiva—by the grace of the Lord    SB 7.14.10
  daiva—the demigods    SB 8.10.5
  daiva—divine    Adi 3.87
  daiva—transcendental    Adi 14.88

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: daiva

  daiva-adhinah—controlled by supernatural force    SB 3.3.23
  daiva-adhinah—who are under the control of providence    SB 10.4.18
  daiva-balam—providential power    SB 9.6.29
  daiva-balat—by providence    SB 4.6.48
  daiva-bhuta-atma—all due to the body, supernatural power and other living beings    SB 1.10.6
  daiva-coditam—impelled by accident or deliberation    SB 10.1.42
  daiva-coditah—inspired by providence    SB 8.2.27
  daiva-codita—as if impelled by providence    SB 9.3.4
  daiva-coditat—impelled by superior authority    SB 3.20.13
  daiva-coditat—under a superior arrangement    SB 3.26.41
  daiva-coditat—by a superior arrangement    SB 3.26.44
  daiva-iritat—according to destiny    SB 3.26.38
  daiva-gatim—spiritual power    SB 7.10.63
  daiva-hatam—that which is thwarted by providence    SB 4.19.34
  daiva-karma-atma-rupinah—of the gigantic form of transcendental work, time and nature    SB 3.6.35
  daiva-muktasya—by chance having escaped    SB 5.9.13
  daiva-netrena—under the supervision of the Lord    SB 3.31.1
  daiva-nisrstena—as spoken by destiny    SB 10.4.5
  daiva-paratantra—under the spell of maya.    Adi 12.9
  daiva-prahitah—being inspired by the Supreme Lord    SB 8.20.14
  daiva-samjnitaih—arranged by superior authority.    SB 4.21.51
  daiva-tamasya—of the most respectable demigod (Lord Siva)    SB 4.4.28
  daiva-tantraih—under the control of superior power    SB 7.13.30
  daiva-tantram—enchantment of providence only    SB 1.9.17
  daiva-upahrtam—brought about by providential arrangements    SB 9.18.23
  daiva-upapannena—obtainable very easily by the grace of the Lord    SB 7.15.11
  daiva-vasa-gah—under the control of the Personality of Godhead    SB 3.28.38
  daiva-vasat—according to destiny    SB 3.28.37
  daiva-yoge—accidentally    Adi 13.20
  daiva-yogena—with the energy of the Supreme Lord    SB 3.20.14
  daiva-yogena—by some superior force    SB 8.11.33
  kula-daiva-hetave—for the good fortune of the dynasty    SB 9.5.9