Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: curi

  curi—steal    Madhya 4.20, Madhya 4.174
  curi—theft.    Adi 17.199
  curi—the concealment    Madhya 3.71
  curi—steal.    Madhya 4.133
  curi—stealing.    Madhya 8.278
  curi—tricks.    Madhya 13.58
  curi—stealing    Madhya 16.33
  curi—stealing or covering.    Antya 19.95
  curi kari—stealing    Adi 14.40, Madhya 8.102, Antya 19.49
  curi kare—steals    Antya 9.90
  kene curi kara—why do You steal    Adi 14.42
  kṣīra-curi-kathā—the narration of the stealing of the condensed milk    Madhya 1.97
  mana curi—stealing of the mind    Antya 19.99

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