Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: cora

  corā—thief    Antya 6.47, Antya 6.50
  cora-prāya—almost like thieves    Madhya 14.211
  cora-prāyam—full of thieves    SB 4.14.39-40
  cora-pārvatī—the goddess Pārvatī, who is known as a thief.    Madhya 9.281
  cora-ādibhyaḥ—from thieves and rogues    SB 4.14.17
  kṣīra-corā—stealer of a pot of sweet rice    Madhya 4.1
  kṣīra-corā—the thief of sweet rice    Madhya 4.174
  kṣīra-corā gopīnātha—the Gopīnātha who stole the pot of sweet rice    Madhya 4.19
  kṣīra-corā hari—the Lord who stole a pot of sweet rice.    Madhya 4.20

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