Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: citra

  citra—wonderful    SB 7.4.9-12, Adi 17.306, Madhya 2.83
  citra—variegated    SB 4.6.28, SB 10.5.6
  citra—painted    SB 1.11.13
  citra—beautiful    SB 3.18.9
  citra—with varieties of    SB 8.2.7
  citra—various    SB 8.18.7
  citra—pictures    Madhya 13.21

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: citra

  citra-keli—with variegated pastimes    Adi 4.117, Madhya 8.190
  citra-kutah—Citrakuta    SB 5.19.16, SB 5.20.15
  bada citra—most wonderful    Madhya 13.143
  bada citra—very wonderful    Antya 18.98
  citra-ambarah—dressed with varieties of colored embroidery    SB 10.5.11
  citra-bhanuh—the fire-god    SB 5.24.17
  citra-candrera—of the beautiful moon    Antya 15.67
  citra-caritra—of varieties of activities    Madhya 15.298
  citra-dhvaja-pataih—with very nicely decorated flags and canopies    SB 8.10.13-15
  citra-dhvajaih—with decorated flags    SB 9.10.35-38
  citra-dhatu—valuable minerals like gold, silver and copper    SB 1.6.12
  citra-jalpa—various mad talks    Madhya 23.59
  citra-jalpa—of the name citra-jalpa    Antya 14.16
  citra-jalpera—of the mad talks    Madhya 23.60
  citra-karmanam—of all of us who have had varieties of reactions to our past karma    SB 10.5.25
  citra-katham—whose story is wonderful    SB 6.5.6-8
  citra-lila—wonderful pastimes    Adi 7.152
  citra-lila—varieties of pastimes    Madhya 15.297
  citra-padam—decorative    SB 1.5.10
  citra-padam—flowery    SB 4.21.20
  citra-priya-kathah—able to speak palatable words that are pleasing to the heart    SB 7.13.19
  citra-rathah—Dhruva Maharaja, whose chariot was very beautiful    SB 4.10.22
  citra-rathah—named Citraratha    SB 5.15.14-15
  citra-rathena—by Dhruva Maharaja, who had a beautiful chariot    SB 4.11.6
  citra-repha—Citrarepha    SB 5.20.25
  citra-sragbhih—with varieties of flower garlands    SB 9.11.31-34
  citra-svanaih—pleasing to the heart    SB 1.6.12
  citra-varna—printed with varieties of colors    Adi 13.113
  citra-vastra—printed cloth    Madhya 14.109
  citra-vilokane—by seeing a picture of Krsna.    Madhya 20.181
  citra-vilapanaih—with various lamentations    SB 6.14.59
  citra-vajaih—having various feathers    SB 4.10.11-12
  citra-vajaih—with variegated feathers    SB 4.26.9
  su-citra—very charming    Antya 15.63