Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: cikirsitam

  cikirsitam—pastimes    SB 1.8.29
  cikirsitam—decision of fasting    SB 1.19.12
  cikirsitam—endeavors.    SB 2.9.25
  cikirsitam—the intention.    SB 3.16.14
  cikirsitam—wish for us to do    SB 3.16.16
  cikirsitam—the intended activities    SB 3.24.11
  cikirsitam—activities    SB 4.8.25
  cikirsitam—the plans    SB 4.10.21
  cikirsitam—the plan    SB 4.11.23
  cikirsitam—desires    SB 4.24.27
  cikirsitam—what was the plan    SB 8.19.29
  cikirsitam—which you desire to do    SB 9.3.20
  cikirsitam—which he was practically doing    SB 9.7.16
  cikirsitam—is being thought of    SB 9.20.11

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: cikirsitam

  prabhu-cikirsitam—the desire of Lord Visnu as Vamanadeva    SB 8.21.26
  sva-cikirsitam eva—which he already desired to do and for which he had gone there    SB 10.8.11