Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: cihna

  cihna—the symptom    Madhya 8.34, Madhya 19.224, Madhya 23.38, Antya 7.39, Antya 7.41
  cihna—marks    Adi 14.6, Adi 14.11
  cihna—symptoms    Adi 16.55, Madhya 23.17
  cihna—symptoms.    Madhya 6.144, Madhya 9.276
  cihna—symptom    Adi 4.197
  cihna dekhi—by seeing the marks    Adi 14.13
  cihna-dhṛk—decorated like    SB 1.16.5
  cihna-yukta—with positive marks    Adi 14.16
  ei aparādha-cihna—this is a great offense.    Madhya 25.78
  laghu-pada-cihna—the marks of the lotus feet, which were very small at that time    Adi 14.7
  mahā-puruṣera cihna—all the symptoms of a great personality    Adi 13.121
  nakha-cihna—the nail marks    Adi 17.186
  pada-cihna—footprints    Adi 14.8
  prema-unmādera cihna—the symptoms of ecstatic love    Madhya 3.10
  tāṅra caraṇa-cihna—the mark of his feet    Antya 16.31
  vidheya-cihna—predicates.    Adi 2.6
  yati-dharma-cihna—the symptom of a person in the renounced order of life.    Madhya 15.189

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