Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: cida

  ciḍā—chipped rice    Madhya 1.283, Madhya 15.88, Antya 6.51, Antya 6.53, Antya 6.76, Antya 6.77, Antya 6.78, Antya 6.84, Antya 6.91, Antya 6.93
  ciḍa—the chipped rice    Antya 6.57
  ciḍā—the chipped rice    Antya 6.56
  dadhi-ciḍā—chipped rice with yogurt    Antya 6.65, Antya 6.67
  dugdha-ciḍā—chipped rice with condensed milk    Antya 6.65, Antya 6.67
  ciḍā bhijāya—soak chipped rice    Antya 6.68
  ciḍā kari—making flat rice    Antya 10.27
  ciḍā-dadhi-mahotsava—the festival of eating chipped rice and yogurt    Antya 6.100
  ciḍā-dugdha bhojana—eating of the chipped rice and milk    Antya 6.140
  ciḍā-mahotsava kailā—performed the festival of chipped rice.    Antya 20.112
  dadhi-ciḍā—yogurt and chipped rice    Antya 6.69
  dugdha-ciḍā—chipped rice made with milk    Madhya 3.54
  dugdha-ciḍā—sweet rice mixed with milk    Madhya 15.216
  kateka ciḍā—some of the flat rice    Antya 10.28
  āroyā ciḍā—chipped rice not made from boiled paddy    Antya 6.83

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