Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: chota

  choṭa—neophyte    Madhya 13.197, Antya 16.10
  choṭa—small    Madhya 2.93
  choṭa—younger    Madhya 11.148
  choṭa-vipra—the younger brāhmaṇa    Madhya 5.17, Madhya 5.21, Madhya 5.26, Madhya 5.34, Madhya 5.64, Madhya 5.81, Madhya 5.83
  choṭa-bhāi—younger brother    Madhya 19.36, Antya 2.89
  choṭa-putre—the youngest son    Antya 12.45, Antya 16.65
  choṭa bhāi—younger brother    Adi 5.151
  choṭa hañā—being junior    Madhya 11.140
  choṭa haridāsa—of the name Choṭa Haridāsa    Adi 10.147
  choṭa haridāse—unto Junior Haridāsa    Madhya 1.259
  choṭa haridāse—Choṭa Haridāsa    Antya 2.113
  choṭa-baḍa—junior and senior    Madhya 10.149
  choṭa-baḍa—small and big    Madhya 13.198
  choṭa-baḍa-mandira—all the small and big temples    Madhya 12.83
  choṭa-haridāsa nāma—a devotee named Choṭa Haridāsa    Antya 2.102
  choṭa-haridāse—Junior Haridāsa    Antya 20.105
  choṭa-haridāsera—of Junior Haridāsa    Antya 2.111
  choṭa-vipra—young brāhmaṇa    Madhya 5.87
  choṭa-vipra bale—the younger brāhmaṇa replied    Madhya 5.33
  choṭa-vipra kahe—the younger brāhmaṇa replies    Madhya 5.31
  choṭa-vipre—unto the young brāhmaṇa    Madhya 5.112

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