Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: chinna

  chinna—cut up    Bg 18.10, SB 8.10.37
  chinna—cut off    SB 6.12.4, SB 7.2.29-31
  chinna—torn off    Bg 5.25
  chinna—fallen    Bg 6.38
  chinna—being separated    SB 4.23.12
  chinna—scattered and cut off    SB 9.15.31
  chinna—cut to pieces    Madhya 6.233

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: chinna

  chinna-bandhanah—completely cut off from all bondage.    SB 4.23.8
  chinna-paksah—whose wings are cut    SB 6.12.26
  chinna-paksah—whose wings have been taken away    SB 8.11.12
  chinna-samsayah—freed from doubts    SB 3.27.28-29