Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: chidra

  chidra—fault    Madhya 12.51, Antya 3.104, Antya 8.43
  chidra—the hole    Madhya 2.31, Madhya 5.132
  chidra—apertures    SB 3.31.3
  chidra—a hole    Madhya 5.127
  chidra kari—making a hole    Madhya 5.129, Madhya 15.74
  chidra cāhi—looking for faults    Antya 8.43
  chidra cāhi—trying to find fault    Antya 8.46
  chidra pāñā—finding some fault    Madhya 25.188
  chidra-dātṛtvam—the accommodation of room    SB 3.26.34
  chidra-vat—like the sky    SB 4.31.20
  chidra-vat—just like the space    SB 7.7.38
  sei chidra—that hole    Madhya 5.130
  vaṁśī-chidra—of the holes in the flute    Madhya 21.140
  viśāla-chidra-jālena—with so many big holes in your body (in other words, full of chidra, which also means "faults")    Antya 1.163

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