Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: chaya

  chaya—six    Adi 1.27, Adi 1.33, Adi 1.37, Adi 1.43, Adi 7.3, Madhya 24.149, Madhya 24.161, Madhya 24.210, Antya 11.9, Antya 19.83
  chaya—shadow    SB 7.15.59, SB 8.7.30
  chaya—6    Adi 13.80
  chaya—protection    SB 1.13.8
  chaya—by the shade    SB 5.1.3
  chaya—Chaya, another wife of the sun-god    SB 6.6.41
  chaya—Chaya    SB 8.13.8

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: chaya

  chaya vatsara—six years    Adi 13.12, Adi 13.38, Madhya 1.246
  chaya vatsara—continuously for six years    Adi 13.35, Madhya 25.240
  chaya vatsara—for six years    Madhya 1.19, Madhya 1.23
  chaya-rupe—in six forms    Adi 2.99, Adi 2.100
  bara chaya—six times    Madhya 24.149
  chaya darsana haite—from the six philosophical principles    Madhya 25.56
  chaya mata—six different theses    Madhya 25.53
  chaya prakara—six kinds.    Madhya 24.158
  chaya vatsara—six years.    Madhya 1.285
  chaya vibheda—therefore there are six varieties.    Madhya 24.155
  chaya-sata—six hundred    Madhya 20.388
  chaya-jana—six persons    Madhya 24.150
  chaya-rtu—the six seasons    Adi 17.238
  chaya-sita—the illusory form of Sita    Madhya 9.211-212
  chaya-sitam—the illusory form of mother Sita    Madhya 9.211-212
  chaya-atapau—the shelter for all who are suffering from ignorance    SB 8.5.27
  ei chaya—all these six    Madhya 24.145
  ei chaya-rupe—in these six features    Adi 1.32
  hata panca-chaya—five to six cubits (one cubit equals about a foot and a half)    Antya 14.64
  pada-chaya—the shade of the feet    Adi 5.230
  panca chaya—five or six kinds.    Madhya 15.214
  panca chaya—five or six    Madhya 25.204
  panca-chaya—five or six    Madhya 3.49
  panca-chaya jane—five or six men.    Madhya 16.276