Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: chara

  chāra—condemned    Antya 5.104-105, Antya 8.25
  chāra—insignificant    Antya 18.15, Antya 18.21
  chāra—most insignificant.    Madhya 8.185
  chāra—very much fallen    Madhya 11.23
  chāra—abominable    Madhya 11.165
  chāra—most abominable.    Madhya 12.161
  chāra—worthless    Madhya 15.243
  chāra—most fallen    Madhya 17.78
  chāra—worthless.    Madhya 21.8
  chāra—most condemned    Antya 3.255
  chāra—little    Antya 9.96
  ei chāra mukhe—in this abominable mouth    Madhya 15.281
  hīna chāra—most condemned and abominable    Antya 4.67
  kon chāra—the most insignificant person.    Antya 13.86

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