Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: chandah

  chandah—Vedic hymns    SB 3.5.41

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: chandah

  chandah-mayam—in the form of the Vedic hymns    SB 4.18.14
  chandah-mayam—chiefly influenced by the directions in the Vedas    SB 7.9.21
  chandah-mayah—personified Vedic hymns    SB 2.7.11
  chandah-mayah—the form of the Vedas    SB 3.22.2
  chandah-mayah—the personified Vedas    SB 6.8.29
  chandah-mayah—full of Vedic verses    SB 8.7.30
  chandah-mayaya—unto the enjoyer of all ritualistic ceremonies    SB 5.18.18
  chandah-namanah—having the different names of Vedic meters    SB 5.21.15
  chandah-stutah—who worships the Lord by Vedic prayers    SB 5.20.8