Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: chale

  chale—on the plea of    Adi 14.65, Adi 17.7
  chale—by tricks    Adi 17.172, Antya 8.81
  chale—under different pleas.    Adi 13.22
  chale—on the pretense.    Adi 13.103
  chale—on the pretense of    Adi 14.22
  chale—on the pretext    Madhya 17.53
  bale-chale—somehow or other (sometimes by tricks, sometimes by force)    Madhya 12.170
  bālya-bhāva chale—as if in His childhood state    Adi 13.23
  śāsti-chale—on the pretext of chastisement    Antya 12.28
  doṣa-udgāra-chale—on the plea of attributing faults    Madhya 7.32
  doṣa-āropa-chale—on the plea of attributing faults    Madhya 7.29
  dugdha-dāna-chale—on the plea of delivering milk    Madhya 4.172
  dugdha-dāna-chale—on the plea of giving milk in charity    Madhya 16.271
  ei chale—under this plea    Madhya 1.136
  ei chale—on this plea    Antya 6.169
  kona chale—by some pretext.    Madhya 16.240
  kona chale—by some trick    Madhya 18.43
  mūrcchā-chale—pretending to be unconscious    Antya 18.115
  nānā-chale—under different excuses    Adi 14.36
  nānā-chale—under different pleas    Madhya 8.213
  sei chale—under that plea    Madhya 9.4
  sei chale—on that plea    Madhya 10.11
  uparāga-chale—on the event of the lunar eclipse    Adi 13.100
  vyādhi-chale—on the plea of being diseased    Adi 14.39
  yātrikera chale—as if pilgrims    Madhya 1.268
  yātrā-chale—on the plea of the car festival    Madhya 14.124
  āsvādana-chale—under the plea of tasting it Himself.    Adi 13.39

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