Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: chadiya

  chāḍiyā—giving up    Adi 7.61, Adi 7.133, Madhya 6.134, Madhya 7.83, Madhya 8.297, Madhya 8.302, Madhya 9.361, Madhya 16.243, Madhya 25.26, Antya 3.134 (and more...)
  chāḍiyā—leaving aside.    Madhya 18.90, Antya 12.71
  chāḍiyā—giving up.    Adi 8.13
  chāḍiyā—rejecting    Madhya 8.105
  chāḍiyā—having given up.    Madhya 11.63
  chāḍiyā—leaving    Madhya 18.70
  mumukṣā chāḍiyā—giving up the desire for liberation    Madhya 24.126, Madhya 24.127
  dileka chāḍiyā—has remitted.    Antya 9.119
  gṛha-ādi chāḍiyā—giving up my relationship with home    Antya 6.130
  gṛha-ādi chāḍiyā—leaving all relationships with home.    Antya 13.118
  maṇḍalī chāḍiyā—leaving the circle of the rāsa dance    Madhya 8.114
  nā dena chāḍiyā—did not allow to go out.    Antya 12.98
  viṣaya chādiyā—giving up the implications of material activities.    Madhya 25.194
  āmāre chāḍiyā—giving up My company    Madhya 10.64
  āmāre chāḍiyā—leaving Me aside.    Antya 11.38

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