Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: chadila

  chāḍila—gave up    Madhya 16.137, Madhya 20.128, Antya 2.144
  chāḍilā—gave up    Adi 13.49, Madhya 16.144, Madhya 20.16
  chādila—gave up    Madhya 10.125
  chāḍila—give up.    Madhya 9.107
  chāḍilā—give up    Madhya 10.125
  chāḍilā—relinquished    Madhya 19.15
  chāḍilā—gave up.    Antya 9.70
  chāḍilā—let go    Antya 18.89
  chāḍila bhojana—gave up eating.    Antya 8.60
  chāḍila siṁha-dvāra—he has given up standing at the Siṁha-dvāra    Antya 6.284
  prāṇa chāḍila—give up his life.    Antya 2.147
  sakala chāḍila—gave up everything    Antya 9.71
  siṁha-dvāra chāḍilā—gave up standing at the gate known as Siṁha-dvāra    Antya 6.281

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