Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: chadi

  chāḍi—giving up    Adi 4.33, Adi 7.131, Adi 15.12, Adi 17.210, Adi 17.280, Madhya 2.71, Madhya 3.37, Madhya 6.134, Madhya 6.151, Madhya 9.10 (and more...)
  chāḍi—leaving    Adi 7.161, Madhya 6.24, Madhya 13.5, Madhya 14.120, Antya 12.84
  chāḍi—releasing    Madhya 12.134, Madhya 20.7
  chadi—leaves    SB 3.21.18
  chāḍi—dislocated    Madhya 2.12
  chāḍi—leaving aside    Madhya 11.125
  chāḍi—excusing    Antya 9.110
  abhimāna chāḍi—giving up false pride or false conceptions    Antya 7.136
  amṛta chāḍi—giving up the nectar    Madhya 22.38
  anna chāḍi—giving up eating properly    Antya 8.72
  aparādha chāḍi—giving up offenses    Antya 7.137
  carma-ambara chāḍi—giving up the deerskin garment    Madhya 10.161
  chāḍi adhyayana—giving up so-called studies of Vedānta.    Madhya 25.22
  chāḍi dila—let go    Madhya 12.103
  chāḍi dila—released    Madhya 18.179
  chāḍi dila—has stopped    Antya 6.273
  chāḍi dila—he has stopped    Antya 6.277
  chāḍi dila—he has given up.    Antya 6.280
  chāḍi dilā—gave up.    Antya 6.271
  chāḍi diye—I give up    Antya 17.55
  chāḍi gelā—has left    Antya 15.48
  chāḍi saba kāma—giving up all sorts of material desire.    Madhya 24.218
  daśa-chadī—ten kinds of life air, resembling the leaves of a tree    SB 10.2.27
  dharma chāḍi—giving up religious customs    Adi 4.31
  dravya chāḍi—I remit the debt    Antya 9.126
  eta sampatti chāḍi—giving so much opulence    Madhya 14.207
  gadādhare chāḍi—leaving aside Gadādhara Paṇḍita    Madhya 16.278
  ghāṭa chāḍi—leaving the bathing place    Madhya 8.13
  jagannātha chāḍi—leaving the place of Lord Jagannātha    Madhya 10.10
  kṣetra chāḍi—leaving Jagannātha-kṣetra    Madhya 11.43
  kṣetra chāḍi—leaving Jagannātha Purī    Antya 9.84
  kṛṣṇa-nāma-guṇa chāḍi—leaving aside the transcendental qualities and the name of the Lord    Madhya 1.270
  kāma chāḍi—giving up all desires for material enjoyment    Madhya 22.41
  kārya chāḍi—giving up your duties    Madhya 19.21
  mandira chāḍi—giving up the temple    Madhya 18.31
  nṛtya chāḍi—giving up His dancing    Madhya 13.201
  patha chāḍi—giving up the road    Adi 17.93
  patha chāḍi—leaving aside the path    Madhya 24.236
  patha chāḍi—giving up the general pathway    Antya 6.172
  pratāparudra chāḍi—except for Pratāparudra    Madhya 11.46
  prayāṇa-patha chāḍi—leaving aside the general path    Madhya 24.238
  ratha chāḍi dila—gave up the attempt    Madhya 14.48
  rājya chāḍi—giving up the kingdom    Madhya 12.10
  rāsa chāḍi—leaving the rāsa dance    Madhya 8.112
  saba chāḍi—giving up everything    Madhya 24.188
  saba chāḍi—leaving aside everything    Antya 14.47
  saṅga chāḍi—giving up their association    Antya 12.36
  satya chāḍi—giving up the real truth    Madhya 18.98
  tapa chāḍi—giving up all such processes of penance and austerity    Madhya 24.216
  tomā chāḍi—leaving You    Antya 12.79
  tomāra sevā chāḍi—giving up your service    Antya 19.9
  tāṇḍava-nṛtya chāḍi—giving up such devastating dancing    Madhya 13.112
  tāhā chāḍi—giving them up    Adi 7.69
  tāhā chāḍi—giving up that    Madhya 15.49
  tāhāṅ chāḍi—leaving there    Madhya 17.43
  tāṅra sevā chāḍi—giving up her service    Madhya 15.48
  vidhi-dharma chāḍi—giving up all regulative principles of the varṇa and āśrama institution    Madhya 22.142
  vraja chāḍi—leaving Vṛndāvana    Antya 1.66

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