Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: chadaya

  chadaya—please cover    SB 6.8.26
  chadaya—gives up.    Madhya 20.120
  chadaya—gives up.    Madhya 12.31
  chadaya—one gives up    Madhya 24.39
  chadaya—causes to give up    Madhya 24.64
  chadaya—remove    Antya 3.57
  chadaya—vanquishes    Antya 15.23
  chadaya—induces to reject    Antya 17.36
  chadaya—induces to give up    Antya 17.36
  chadaya—he can cause to leave.    Antya 18.56

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: chadaya

  mumuksa chadaya—and causes to give up the desire to be liberated or merge into the impersonal feature of the Lord.    Madhya 24.124
  saba chadaya—cause one to give up everything else    Madhya 24.104