Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: cetasah

  cetasah—the hearts    Bg 1.37-38
  cetasah—of such wisdom    Bg 4.23
  cetasah—by the heart    SB 1.7.24
  cetasah—either by the mind    SB 1.17.23
  cetasah—their thoughts.    SB 3.25.23
  cetasah—of consciousness    SB 3.26.22
  cetasah—those whose minds.    SB 4.2.6
  cetasah—in the heart.    SB 4.24.19
  cetasah—his heart    SB 4.27.5
  cetasah—consciousness    SB 4.27.12
  cetasah—whose consciousness    SB 4.29.39-40
  cetasah—whose hearts    SB 5.1.5
  cetasah—their hearts    SB 7.2.58
  cetasah—their minds.    SB 8.8.9
  cetasah—the core of whose heart    SB 9.8.22
  cetasah—the cores of whose hearts.    SB 9.8.25

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: cetasah

  apahrta-cetasah—unconscious    SB 6.18.61
  suddha-cetasah—of purified consciousness.    SB 3.32.5
  druta-cetasah—melted heart    SB 1.10.13
  daruna-cetasah—being very hardhearted    SB 6.14.43
  eka-cetasah—all being of the same opinion    SB 6.5.21
  grha-cetasah—who are attached to materialistic household life.    SB 9.11.17
  hrta-cetasah—their consciousness having been taken away    SB 9.8.11
  hrta-cetasah—devoid of material consciousness    Madhya 24.178
  kautuhala-cetasah—whose mind is very inquisitive to understand the mystery of such statements    SB 5.12.3
  musita-cetasah—their hearts are bewildered    SB 8.12.10
  mudha-cetasah—foolish persons    SB 10.4.45
  prasanna-cetasah—of the happy-minded    Bg 2.65
  pratyupalabdha-cetasah—being enlivened again by revival of their consciousness    SB 8.11.1
  samvrta-cetasah—those whose intelligence is covered by such illusory energy    SB 10.2.28
  sandigdha-cetasah—became doubtful about what could be done (because Gargamuni had predicted that this child would be equal to Narayana).    SB 10.11.5
  unnaddha-cetasah—whose mind is unrestrained    SB 6.18.26
  visuddha-cetasah—of one whose mind is purified    SB 1.5.25
  vimukha-cetasah—the fools and rascals who are bereft of Krsna consciousness    SB 7.9.43
  yukta-cetasah—with steadfast mind.    Bg 7.30