Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: cetasa

  cetasa—by the mind    Bg 18.72, SB 1.14.22, SB 2.1.19, SB 3.28.19
  cetasa—with a heart    SB 3.23.22, SB 3.24.11
  cetasa—with a mind    SB 6.19.10, SB 6.19.16
  cetasa—consciousness    Bg 3.30
  cetasa—by the mind and intelligence    Bg 8.8
  cetasa—by intelligence    Bg 18.57
  cetasa—all mental activities (thinking, feeling and willing)    SB 1.6.16
  cetasa—with the mind    SB 3.24.47
  cetasa—by consciousness.    SB 3.32.6
  cetasa—with the intelligence    SB 4.3.22
  cetasa—but by such a mentality    SB 10.2.30
  cetasa—with a fully controlled mind    SB 10.3.34-35

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: cetasa

  anirvinna-cetasa—without deviation    Bg 6.24
  maha-purusa-cetasa—accepting as the Supreme Person    SB 6.19.17
  nibhrtena cetasa—with great pleasure    SB 6.18.22
  parisuddha-cetasa—without mental reservations    SB 4.6.5
  sneha-yantrita-cetasa—his mind being controlled by such affection    SB 9.7.15
  unmagna-cetasa—His heart being absorbed    Antya 15.1