Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: cetah

  cetaḥ—heart    SB 3.2.17, SB 3.9.23, SB 4.1.26-27, Madhya 20.180
  cetaḥ—consciousness    SB 3.25.15, SB 3.29.20, SB 7.5.14, Madhya 2.36
  cetaḥ—the mind    SB 1.2.19, SB 3.22.21, SB 9.20.12
  cetaḥ—my mind    Madhya 1.58, Madhya 13.121, Antya 1.78
  cetaḥ—of the heart    Antya 1.190, Antya 20.12
  cetaḥ—minds    SB 3.15.49
  cetaḥ—the attention    SB 3.27.30
  cetaḥ—knowledge    SB 4.24.43
  cetaḥ—the heart    SB 6.3.29
  cetaḥ—by consciousness    SB 10.8.41
  cetāḥ—in heart    Bg 2.7
  cetāḥ—attention    SB 2.1.9
  cetāḥ—whose consciousness    Madhya 17.138
  lubdha-cetāḥ—My mind being bewildered    Adi 4.146, Madhya 8.149, Madhya 20.182
  cetaḥ-prāṅgaṇa—in the courtyard of the heart    Antya 1.99, Antya 1.120
  ananya-cetāḥ—without deviation    Bg 8.14
  gṛhīta-cetāḥ—my mind being captivated    SB 6.18.39
  nigṛhīta-cetāḥ—Parīkṣit Mahārāja had already become steady in hearing about Kṛṣṇa.    SB 10.12.40
  nirviṇṇa-cetāḥ—very morose and aggrieved at heart    SB 5.13.7
  nitya-abhiniviṣṭa-cetāḥ—whose mind is always absorbed    SB 7.6.15
  sa-cetāḥ—in my consciousness    Bg 11.51
  sammoha-vimūḍha-cetāḥ—whose mind was stupefied.    SB 3.22.17
  sva-sukha-nirbhṛta-cetāḥ—whose mind was always fully absorbed in the happiness of self-realization    Madhya 24.48
  vivigna-cetāḥ—being very anxious.    SB 8.19.10
  vivikta-cetāḥ—one whose mind is detached from worldly affairs    SB 1.19.12
  āviṣṭa-cetāḥ—the devotee who is completely absorbed (in such activities)    SB 10.2.37

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