Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: cestitam

  ceṣṭitam—activities    SB 1.5.16, SB 4.12.46, SB 4.13.24
  ceṣṭitam—being endeavored for.    SB 2.4.8
  ceṣṭitam—the activities    SB 3.19.32
  ceṣṭitam—the dealings.    SB 6.18.41
  ceṣṭitam—attempt    SB 8.7.3
  ceṣṭitam—activity    SB 8.24.9
  ceṣṭitam—about the glorious activities.    SB 9.4.24
  ceṣṭitam—performance    SB 9.4.42
  ceṣṭitam—the childish play    Antya 19.45
  adbhuta-ceṣṭitam—whose activities are wonderful    Adi 6.1
  ati-vāma-ceṣṭitām—although she was trying to treat the child better than a mother    SB 10.6.9
  īśa-ceṣṭitam—pastime of the Supreme Lord    SB 4.7.61
  mṛga-ceṣṭitam—the activities of the deer    SB 4.29.55
  māyā-ceṣṭitam—the laws of material nature enacted by the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 9.24.58
  sva-ceṣṭitam—seriously by one's own endeavor    SB 2.8.4

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