Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: catustayam

  catuṣṭayam—the four diplomatic principles (sāma, the process of pacifying dāna, the process of giving money in charity bheda, the principle of dividing and daṇḍa, the principle of punishment)    SB 7.5.19
  catuṣṭayam—four kinds of    Adi 4.208
  catuṣṭayam—four special features    Madhya 23.84-85
  catuṣṭayam—the four kinds of    Madhya 24.183
  sālokya-ādi-catuṣṭayam—the four different types of liberation (sālokya, sārūpya, sāmīpya and sārṣṭi, what to speak of sāyujya)    SB 9.4.67

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