Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: caturmasya

  caturmasya—the period of Caturmasya    Madhya 9.84, Madhya 9.92, Madhya 9.163
  caturmasya—of the caturmasya-yajna    SB 5.7.5
  caturmasya—observance of the four months ot the rainy season    Madhya 1.110
  caturmasya—for four months    Antya 12.62

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: caturmasya

  caturmasya-ante—at the end of Caturmasya    Madhya 1.111, Madhya 16.59
  caturmasya gela—the four months of the rainy season passed    Antya 12.65
  caturmasya gonaila—passed the four months of the rainy season    Antya 10.133
  caturmasya rahi—remaining four months for Caturmasya    Antya 1.93